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GM NOTES: Dramatic license is good. The GM approves. You are safe. For now.

Lupo - Mars' Gym

When Lupo takes the gold chain, he can feel the power in it sizzle along his neurons and into his very being. Mars smirks, nodding to him, as the overhead lights flicker, as they might do at any rundown city gym, until they go out for a moment before coming back on--

--and Lupo finds himself in the hotel gym. Much smaller than the one he'd just been occupying, with far less equipment, and devoid of any sign of life. In addition, any aches and pains or bruises he might have acquired during his sparring session with his Father are gone.

His cell phone buzzes to indicate a new text message. New rm. set up for you. Talk to the desk. It's from Paul Brighton. A trip to the front desk would get Lupo set up in room 408.

While in the lobby, a voice shouts out, "Hey, there he is! The Wolfman, yeah?" The voice is coming from Lupo's boxing opponent, Mark "The Meat" Cleaver, who is surrounded by a small entourage of his coach, cutman, and a couple of hangers-on. The hangers-on look big and thick (both in size and intelligence), wearing some bling. Cleaver smirks. "Hey, Loopy, tell me, how fast you want me to knock you out? Want it over quick, or should I give the people a show?"

Typical boastful behavior that Lupo's probably seen dozens of times.

Riley - Also in the lobby

Indeed, the focus items seem to be resistant to 'hammer-space' storage, but given that it can hardly be called a weapon, it's pretty unnecessary to try to store it away. Riley's conversation indeed passed unnoticed by anyone. After her Father had left, one person actually goes as if to sit in her seat-- almost in her lap before apologizing and moving to the next chair over, promptly ignoring Riley as they grab the remote to try to change the channel on the TV.

Riley's odds-calculating abilities seemed to be much stronger. As she looked around the busy evening-time lobby, she could see dozens of potential events unfolding in front of her, before seeming to crystallize into the actual sequence that takes place.

Then she'd probably hear the same outburst from a toned, brash young man toward a man of similar muscle-tone, the latter of which was standing at the front desk, while the former is flanked by a small squadron of an entourage.

Kiki - Outside Room 510

Art nods. "Good. You should go downstairs and finish checking in, if you haven't done so already, and then keep an eye out. There's probably other Titanspawn arriving soon, and we still need to find out what MacBride is doing in Branson. Keep your eyes and ears peeled." He handed her a slip of paper with a phone number on it. "Send any intel you get to that number-- that's Selene Hoffman, our side's IT specialist and organizer of a lot of our intel."

Anna pats her on the shoulder. "And if she hasn't already, she'll send you a one-touch app to your smartphone. Press it and it'll flag you on her systems as being in distress and she'll ring up the nearest person from our side to get you out of there."

And that seems to be that for the time being. By the time Kiki returns to the lobby-- likely after sending the all-clear to her contacts-- she'll arrive just in time to likewise overhear one boxer's prideful boast to another.

Liam - Cantwell Park

Perhaps it's just the fading rush of his new tattoo's power tingling on his neurons, but Liam almost fancies he can hear a sort of whispering on the vague periphery of his perception. Listen to the Land, his Mother had said.
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