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That looked worse than it was
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Default That looked worse than it was

In retrospect, this looked bad, and there may be an...interesting rumor going around about me now.

After lunch, I grabbed a delicious raspberry chocolate bar which I took back to my desk. This brand of chocolate is fabulous, but flaky, so I tend to drop a few little bits here & there as I eat.

A little bit later, I sneezed and discovered my tissue box was empty. The men's room is on the way to the supply closet so I stopped there to just blow my nose. A coworker from another department came in as I got to the sink on my way out.

CW: Hey, Gerrinson.

Me: Hi, CW.

CW: You've got a little something there on your arm. *points at my right arm*

Me: *looks down, sees a couple brown dots, where I failed to notice flakes of chocolate had landed on me. Without really thinking about the optics, I licked my arm clean of raspberry chocolate goodness* Thanks, CW! That was delicious and I hate to let any of it go to waste.

I washed my hands & forearm in the sink and left without ever wondering why CW was just kind of staring at me. A few minutes later, I came to a sudden realization that licking flecks of a brown gooey substance off your arm in a restroom is likely to send a message other than 'Ooh, more chocolate, yay!'