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At least they didn't do what happened to my friend. It was a cool day like you described (in March or April I believe), and she rolled down the windows a bit and parked in the shade. She was gone for 10 minutes, maybe 15 tops, and when she got back her dog was gone. She'd rolled down the windows far enough someone reached in, unlocked her car, took her dog, and left a note saying her dog was overheating and that the person was taking it to the humane society. Even though the police agreed that friend's car was a perfectly reasonable temp, she still had to pay a huge fee to bail out her dog.

Locally at least, all the cops have thermometers in their car, so unless I ever see a dog in absolute immediate distress I'd call them let them determine the more questionable calls. That's their job.

I absolutely cannot leave my dog in the car for even five minutes. Even if the car is cool and the outside is cool and I'm literally just running in to grab a pre-ordered pick-up dinner and run out, my dog will climb up in the back window to find that sunny spot, plop out, and happily pant away. He'll be fine, but it looks so bad that I just can't go anywhere with him! He does the same thing in the living room and the backyard, but in the car it looks so much worse omg!
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