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There's actually a simple explanation for why there aren't betting odds on pod racing- when Anakin was a kid, Tatooine was functionally run by the equivalent of the mob. when Luke was growing up there, however, it's very clear that the Empire actually can enforce it's laws, at least to an extent, there. As such, it's highly likely that pod racing had been driven underground.

as for Han Shot First, it's actually largely irrelevant, but I imagine it was done to clarify that Han shooting Greedo was legitimately self-defense. (even if Han shot first, he was in a situation where he knew greedo was about to shoot him. Han had not confronted Greedo- it was the other way around, IIRC- so it is self-defense for Han to shoot Greedo regardless of who got the shot off first or not. However, the edit makes it abundantly clear to even the most raging opponent of lethal force that it was, in fact, self-defense.)