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Location: Airport by Luke (What city, exactly?)

At the airport, when Luke has his momentary worry about his "toys" getting through TSA, a friendly voice speaks up. "No worries, mate," the voice says in a rough Australian accent, "them whackas won't give you any trub."

When Luke turns to see who it is, he'll find a very large, very well-built man in a short-sleeved black shirt, wearing a crocodile-skin vest with dog tags. A slouch hat (which has clearly been through the wars from the clear signs of wear) perches on his head, and although no weaponry is immediately visible, there's the definite sense that he knows where to lay his hands on some, or he's got some hidden away on him. He stands there, arms folded.

Solomon Becker-- known in the Divine community as a "facilitator" (he gets things done, never you mind how)-- grins at Luke. "'Ullo, Brighto." Continuing on his earlier train of thought, he says, "Them Above're lookin' out for us on our way to the big meet-up in Vegas. And besides, I've taken care of things for ya. Just you have a good flight, Brighto. I'll see ya there."
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