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Aiden almost missed a stitch.

His smile froze briefly, as he mentally recovered from the surprise. Then he set down the knitting, and gave a long, considerate look at Emmett.

Ankh. Could be any of a number. No matter. Smart one. Either he's got an ability to tell, one of the closer scions told him, or he looked at the rune and had a lucky guess. Or any mix of the above.

He imagined following up with, oh, really? you're here for the FuckathonCon too? i only use organic latex in my, shall we say, attire? but his tongue didn't feel quite sharp enough to give it his best.

A slow, deliberate blink. And then a gentle sigh.

"Well, Johnny is quite a convincing fellow. And I just couldn't subject fellows to my possible replacement on the... team." The last word was just a touch strained. "So what's your expertise? You know, in case we find a nest of ice dragons, it'd be nice to know if you're the one who tries to kill them, or do the intelligent thing."