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When the final straw was laid on, and a temp ban was issued, this person spread the most vile lies about me in particular, and posted what was allegedly a quote of my words, but they were rather badly twisted and paraphrased so that it looked like I had said something else entirely. They attacked the site and the management.
So, it was pointed out that saying:
So there's a site I visit daily, as I've done so for years, which is basically a forum setup where people can go to write up their personal stories of their recounts with horrible customers. I wont name the specific site, but let's just say
My one outlet. The site.
is not, technically naming the site, but it's pretty darn close, considering that the link to their page was actually posted here, and that's what started the mess.
Also, this is not technically identifying me
One person even went so far as to say <removing identifying details of situation, but, as mentioned it was supposed to be paraphrased comments I had made to them, but they were very badly twisted to put me in a bad light> I later found out that woman was a mod/admin on the site.
but, again, it's pretty darn close, considering that I had actually messaged the person with a slightly similar message, but with an entirely different meaning than what was ascribed to them.
Why wouldn't I post the actual message to clarify what I had truly said, since I knew to whom the comments were referring? Also, since the message to the member had my name with "Moderator" as my title, why was it only later that they found out I was a mod if they had been coming to the site daily for years?
See? Playing fast and loose with facts and truths.
Too tired of living and too tired to end it. What a conundrum.

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