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Quoth Ophbalance View Post
I had a feeling as to who this was, as the requests for help seemed to be the primary goal with a little bit of posting to make it seem legit.
Well, to be fair and accurate, this was not a new member who joined simply to beg for money. They had been a member for a while. However, they had not posted on the site in well over a year, until this terrible personal situation arose for them.

What saddens me in this whole thing is that so many concessions were made for this person, and they would still be here, posting and having an outlet and community support. All they had to do was stick to the request to stop directly soliciting and link in their signature to the approved site request only.
Just a simple request that we would expect from all the other members of the site.

The whole thing is such a terrible mess.

I'm very sure this person doesn't need all the added stress.
That being said, when one is given a break and special concessions, then don't go crapping all over a place when it gets pointed out that you've overstepped.
Too tired of living and too tired to end it. What a conundrum.