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And, lest I be accused of "doctoring the PM," as happened on the FB page where it is being claimed that I jumped to my conclusions and was wrong about the site and mod being referred to, I do have a screenprint, but hesitate to post it as it would identify the person.
I think most of us have figured it out by now.

But unlike the person in question, we are following the request of the MODs to not mention them.

I've been on this site for what, five years now. I know full well that the MODs do not ban people willy-nilly. They have a good reason for doing so. (and violating Rule #1 so many times doesn't count ) This person definitely overstepped the boundaries.

BTW, without going too much into the situation at hand, there is help out there that they could've accessed. The fact that they didn't suggests to me that they are more focused on the goal that caused them to get banned in the first place.
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