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Don't insult the person you're asking for help.
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Default Don't insult the person you're asking for help.

We have one or two extremely high-maintenance constant complainers, and I had the displeasure of running into one of them today.

Inventory is on the 31st, so us worker bees are running around organizing shelves. I'm up to my elbows in pasta (literally; the shelf was so overstuffed and messed up that I had to take everything down) when one of the cleaners pulls me over to help a customer with risotto. That was all the background I got.

SC: duh

Me: Hi, what can I help you with?
SC: I'm looking for rice for risotto.
Me: May I ask what you're making? (depending on the exact ingredients and whether the result is 'wet' or 'dry' different varieties of rice are used)
SC: Oh, I had this risotto awhile ago that has truffle and parmesan and I want to make it.
Me: Ooh, that sounds good. Well, the typical risotto rice varieties are Baldo, Carnaroli and Arborio. The exact one will depend on the texture you want in the finished dish. I usually recommend Arborio, it doesn't absorb a ton of moisture so the rice will still have a defined texture.
SC: Why is this rice in bricks? [vacuum-packed] I had this brick rice once and I didn't like it. (D around the corner mouths "brickweed?" and I almost lose it)
Me: That's just a packaging method, we also have rice in bags.
SC: None of these bags are the one you said.
Me: This brand has a chart on back that tells you what type is used for what dish.
SC: *bitch mode-activate* Do you know what you're selling? You don't know anything about your products!
Oh no she didn't.
Me: Excuse me, you're the one who wanted my help. I've been here since before we opened, I know all our products and I have trained everyone in my department.
I take a few steps back and try to contact V on the radio; surprise, no answer (why do we even have these things if she's unreachable?)
SC: See? You don't know what you're selling and have to ask someone!
Me: Ma'am, I have been trying to help you. You are insulting my intelligence and not letting me help you, so this interaction is over and I am getting someone else.
With this, I dart off and find V, who is in a meeting (still no excuse for not answering the radio...if we need to be reachable at all times than you do too).
Me: V, sorry for interrupting, but there's a customer over in the rice area who is questioning my intelligence and won't accept my advice. She's being very rude to myself and D and I am not dealing with her anymore.

I never did find out the resolution (I really wanted to know if she tried to make me look bad), but later I find out from the Storytellers' manager --who's a great guy, we all wanted him to become the Grocery manager--that this woman has nothing but complaints every time she comes in. She's notorious for belittling anyone she interacts with...if it were up to me, she'd be banned. I have doubts about our managers standing up for us if she decides to make up some story about us being the rude ones.
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