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Reminds me of an old hag from the fabric store that would insult anyone who was cutting fabric for her. We didn't know how to measure properly, we weren't giving her the correct amount, we weren't cutting "with the grain" etc. Whoever called her number at the cutting counter would see her walking up, not even speak to her, and call for a manager.

This person even knew how awful she was because she didn't question why we refused to help her. These people must have terribly sad lives, to go around pestering retail workers.
Seems like it might be dangerous, but wouldn't it be nice to just hand her the scissors, and say something like, "Well, since you're such the expert, you do it."

Or even better, ask them why they even come.

It could be an "on purpose" thing, in that they think that the employees themselves are "below" this person, and they don't want the "lowly" employee doing it.
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