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Reminds me of an old hag from the fabric store that would insult anyone who was cutting fabric for her....This person even knew how awful she was because she didn't question why we refused to help her. These people must have terribly sad lives, to go around pestering retail workers.
Reminds me of The Nemesis at my old fabric store (undoubtedly, every store has at least one of these.) Now that I no longer work there, if I see her in the middle of one of her tirades, I will not hesitate to verbally tear her a well-deserved new one.
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Seems like it might be dangerous, but wouldn't it be nice to just hand her the scissors, and say something like, "Well, since you're such the expert, you do it."
I know you were just being facetious, but no. No, no, no, no, no, HELL NO. NEVER allow fabric store customers to cut their own fabric! The store will lose money right and left! We kept the scissors behind the cutting counter, but customers still managed to get a hold of them and do their own cutting. I never caught anyone doing this, but my managers knew about customers who would cut a huge hole in the middle of the fabric, or cut a horrible crooked line, or similar situations. You can't sell fabric if there's a huge gaping hole in the middle, so we'd have to cut that part out and write it off, and that's money we lost. As was the time spent correcting their stupid mistakes / deliberate mis-cuttings.
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