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I smell. Bad.
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Default I smell. Bad.

Ugghhh gross.

I have an infected cyst on my back. I've had the cyst for a long time but the first time it got infected there was no pain. It was drained and healed easily. They did say it might refill.

This time is a nightmare. Just a few days ago it became massively infected, popped and then I had to go to emergency to get it drained because it hurt like HELL. I went back to the doctor and it wasn't draining properly so he's put in a shunt. That makes it damned hard to sit on the sofa, it stings. The cyst is basically between my shoulders so I can sit somewhat but... Ugh. In general, it burns all the time now.

The worst part, though, is the smell. It smells BAD. I was supposed to be participating in a weight loss challenge at the gym but I don't see how I can make my classes, I'm going to have to drop out. I'm so sad, I really wanted to do it. Sigh.

This reeks, literally.