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If we lived in the same part of the state, I would think you were talking about one of our regular library customers. "Kevin" got upset yesterday because I wouldn't allow him to make a call using the phone at the customer service desk. (I don't know his personal situation, but I'm sure he is/was a drug addict)

Reason my library has a policy like that now is because of people like "Kevin" tying up the phone line on calls (think he was trying to get a ride or something).

We had to eliminate our "courtesy" phone line at the library several years ago. Management staff thought it would be a "great" idea to install one at our security desk. It had to be removed because we would have a large line up at our desk of people wanting to use it, there was some people who would come back and use it every 15 minutes all day long. Some were clearly using it to set up deals. When we limited it to "emergency" calls only eople claim "It's an emergency I have to use it" only for them to just call and go "Hey check your e-mail I sent you something"