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Having watched far too many police/who-dunnit shows, and seen more autopsies than he had any real reason to, Colt picked up what he figured was a scalpel and looked oddly at the body.

"Okay... no wounds on the body, even though the three of us saw, and I and my partner, Steel," he tapped his 'armor vest' with a genuine fondness, "experienced first-hand, the Chaos Worm exploding out of Mister Spirit Walker's chest. Okay."

"You ever examine a body in this manner?"

Colt looked up to the innocent question. "Never performed one, but I've seen enough of them done that I think I could do one that might show us a few more clues. Maybe."

He shrugged, then started attempting to cut a Y-incision. "This would be so buggering much easier if I could see things as Sapputiyok does."

He got to about where the navel on a human would be and stopped, keeping his hand in the cut. "Oops. I need a recording device for notes. Please?"