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Colt "the Hound" Walker looked up at this explanation. Even as he kept his hand on the deceased husk of what had once held Spirit Walker, Colt nodded.

"I'm sorry, Sapputiyok. I... Really, I am. I didn't stop to consider that the myriad races of the different dimensions had different values, castes, ethics, morals, what have you. I thought... Hell, what's it matter what I thought; I brought with me what values and customs I know, forced more than one on you, and expected you to put up with it.
"Don't think for one moment my own think of me very highly. They don't. I'm the office joke; yeah, I get the last laugh, but no one takes me seriously. Hunting bounties is dirty, ugly, low-class work, and unless you manage to snag a really really high-profile case, you barely subsist. Ya wanna brand me an outcast, fine. That's normally a step up for me.
"I'm crude, I'm vulgar, I'm an insult --even to my own!-- but we have a job to do, and this is the only way I know to proceed with no approximation of anything even close to the authorities and Standards of Operational Procedure I recognize.
"I don't have whatever gifts you do, I'm just a fallible human being, not some perfect or highly advanced being from another dimension and, for all I know, from another galaxy. This... medically examining a deceased body, is the best way my dimension knows to determine cause of death, state of physical being, and based on certain physical cues I won't burden you with, provide clues to mental state.
"I'm sorry I didn't stop to ask more on your -what I interpreted as such- aversion to being touched. I'm sorry I'm forcing you to be party to something your kind cannot fathom or allow, but I'm not you. I don't have telepathy, or The Sight (as the mystics in my realm call it), or even x-ray vision. I can't look at this body -even now with my fingertips half on what I'd equate as his navel and half in his bowels- and see anything but a picture of physical perfection. You see otherwise!"

He looked at Dawn. "Is that Chaos Worm contained, or is it gonna try and eat me again?" Colt made an attempt at humor, "I mean, I don't really try for a kiss and a bj until I at least get dinner and a movie." He looked at his own chest, "No offense, pal."

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