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Complete insanity. (Language. Lots of it.)
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Default Complete insanity. (Language. Lots of it.)

All right. This one is getting pictures so you can see how utterly INSANE this customer is.

A while back I made a Flareon plush. (Flareon is a pokemon.)

The plush looked like this:

Flareon is part of a set of eight pokemon, all of which have the same basic body type, with various embellishments. So I used that exact same pattern to make Umbreon:

And Jolteon:

Seeing these, a customer took one of my rare slots for a pokemon plush (I don't ordinarily make anything copyrighted, but for pokemon I have occasional exceptions.) He ordered a Leafeon. Which I finished yesterday. Leafeon looks like this:

Obviously the same pattern, right? Same head shape. Same everything.

HE DOESN'T LIKE IT. He wants me to change the shape of the head, make the neck thinner, and change the shape of the eyes. I SPECIFICALLY TOLD HIM THAT THE HEAD WOULD BE SHAPED LIKE MY OTHER PLUSHES. SPECIFICALLY. And he doesn't like it.

I am fricking PISSED right now. I worked my butt off to make this, and he doesn't like it? And his message wasn't any polite "is it possible to change this please" message, oh no! His email starts with "The first thing that comes to mind is .. 'What the fuck happened to it!?'" Then he sits down and DICTATES a fucking LIST of what he doesn't like, and says that he's not going to pay for it if I don't change everything to suit him.

Well he can fuck off. If he won't pay me what he still owes for it, I can quite easily find another buyer. There is NO way in HELL I'm re-doing this. No FUCKING way.
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