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They were buying cigarettes, which-- per the Cigarette Tax Board of Northern Virginia-- could only be purchased at the express lane. In the event the express lane was shut (which did sometimes happen), they could be purchased at one other register.
WTF? Why would the CTB care whether the "coffin nails" were sold at the express register, or elsewhere? Or was it a case of "You are only allowed to sell tobacco at ONE register", and the STORE chose to put it on the express lane?

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Some of these "only write one check" people were actually buying cigarettes for the purposes of reselling them at their business, so they were often buying upwards of ten cartons of cigarettes, and then filling out the form that the Cigarette Tax Board said they had to fill out. (Anyone buying 5 or more cartons had to fill one out.)
Why would the store even sell wholesale quantities? After all, an unexpected large purchase would leave them out-of-stock on a popular brand, and piss off a few dozen people who came in for a pack of smokes. I know I've seen (at truck stops) signs on the tobacco displays saying "$Tobacco_company does not permit sales of over 5 cartons per day to any one customer".
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