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M - "Hey L, I found this in the back of the shelf, it's been expired seven years."
L - "Ok, put it with the rest."
M - "The rest which will go back on the shelf?"
L - "Yeah."
C - "Don't worry about it, just do it."
So what would the Demonic Duo have done if someone bought that pasta sauce, got severe food poisoning and sued the store over it?! Good thing the owners were smarter than that.
Quoth Mytical View Post
That was the last I officially heard of it, but L and C did make my life miserable while I worked there from then on.
Not surprising. Like ADeMartino found out, sucky bosses hate it when their misdeeds are found out. The take it out on the employee who "made them look bad" (regardless of the fact that they made themselves look bad!) and cause no end of grief for good workers. Glad you're out of there.
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