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well, genies in fiction are always jerks for some reason.
ISTR that in Islamic/Arabic lore, djinn & ifrit are explicitly demonic creatures. Then there's that whole "bound to serve idiotic mortals" thing, nobody likes that.

He also had the gall to tell us he was going to complain to the reality office, for what reason, I don’t know… And I know he did because they later called US and thanked us for catching him.
The office for Reality actually thanked you for catching him? Was he a time-traveler, or just an intruder from "a parallel dimension constructed by a mad genius on an acid trip "? (I assume you meant Realty, but this is funnier.)

had, fresh in his mind, exactly how much it would cost him to illegally park in that lot...... AND HE WAS ALL SET TO DO IT AGAIN
That's one badly trained doggie there! I can probably tell you exactly how he got so mistrained... he was doing this here, or somewhere else, and somehow he got away with it once, or maybe there's a similar lot that isn't so watchful. And now he thinks getting away with it is the natural order, and getting caught is the anomaly, and good luck telling him different.

My only regret is that I had no mustache to twirl,
Any costume supply stores nearby?

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