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Drama at the tax office
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Default Drama at the tax office

It was a quiet Saturday morning. My CW C's appointment arrived before she did. They were about to get the return started when a woman wearing boxing gloves and a sparring helmet carrying an aluminum bat (hereinafter, WJ) stormed into the office and yelled, "Where is that bitch, D [the new store manager]?"
I replied that she is off today.
WJ made a string of odd accusations directed towards D including threatening her at her residence with a 12 gauge and to blow the whistle to the IRS about her family.
I couldn't catch all of WJ tirade as I was already on the phone with the local police whose station was within a half mile of the tax office.
C managed to convince WJ to leave and managed to get her full name. There was no damage to computer or personnel.
I followed WJ at a distance and got her license plate number and then the police arrived. D arrived not long after.
They took our information about that incident. I overheard on their radio chatter that WJ's car was stopped.
WJ said she had no problem going to jail. We'll be glad to accommodate.
The awesome regional manager A called about a half hour later with instructions to call police if she returns.

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