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Non-service (kinda long)
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Default Non-service (kinda long)

This is not a workplace story, so that's why it's here.

I've had to be dragged kicking and screaming into 2020 -- I need to upgrade my cellphone to allow data so I can do the curbside payment thing where needed. My old pay-as-you-go plan (strictly text and talk) had expired, and I hadn't renewed it, so the phone number eventually expired as well.

So I called my carrier, and made arrangements to receive the new SIM card.

Two weeks later, I called back to ask how long it should take.

Rep: "Oh, three to five days."

Me: "Um, it's been two weeks now."

Rep: *gives me the tracking number*

So I tracked it.

It's sitting in the Alphabet Courier Company's local central warehouse, along with who knows how many other parcels. At the time I tracked it down, it had been sitting there for four days.

I spent one entire evening on the phone, trying to talk to an actual human being at ACC. I called three times. In each case I was on hold for nearly two hours before the call finally just dropped.

I finally called a local ACC outlet during business hours. No, the public isn't allowed at the central warehouse. No, there are no delivery dates scheduled.

Needless to say, ACC's Facebook page is on fire with enraged people waiting for parcels.

I called carrier back. They checked into my story and advised me to get the card myself at a local store -- the Mart of Walls carries it, as does Buy the Best. I tried Mart of Walls but I think there was a communications snafu. At my workplace, a young coworker advised me to go to Buy the Best instead. So today I drove there, rather late in the day ... and there were some 30 people lined up outside the door.

Yeah, I don't want to upgrade THAT badly. They open at 11 a.m. tomorrow; I will head down there around 10 a.m. and perch myself outside the door and hopefully get it done tomorrow.

And ACC can wait for hell to freeze over to deliver that parcel, for all I care. Whenever it does show up, I'll just post it back to my carrier.

Oh, my carrier also deducted the cost of the card from the bill for my new plan. Also, I think I was on hold for maybe three minutes before somebody picked up the phone.

I should add that I'm well aware that the front-line employees at ACC are not responsible for this SNAFU (and that they are likely catching a dozen kinds of hell only because they are the face of the company). This is corporate refusing to hire anywhere near enough people to get the job done (on the FB page I saw several comments that FX seemed to be doing just fine ....) And ironically, my first contact with my carrier gave me the information that they normally (I think) use Canada Post but because of some "issues" with service, had decided to go with ACC instead ... if that's true, I suspect they are regretting that now.
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