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Well this place is just as I remembered it.
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Talking Well this place is just as I remembered it.

Lovely to be back!

I don't know if anybody remembers me at all, but I used to hang out here, like 10 years ago. I was probably invisible most of the time.

Oh, who am I kidding? I know my stories were somewhat popular, mostly because I had an INSANE freaking job which I dealt with by drinking irresponsible amounts of tequila and ranting on these forums.

I still trot out the infamous racist parrot story at parties, and it still gets laughs.

I am now self-employed, working as a copywriter and content marketer. I do have obnoxious customers on occasion, but they are more the "Clients From Hell" type rather than the hilariously low-class and insane type I used to deal with.

The writing practice I got on these forums did inspire me to 1) Go back to school and get a degree in Creative Writing and English, and 2) start studying comedy writing. I plan on moving to Los Angeles in a year, possibly two, to try and find work as a comedy writer.

I just wanted to pop in and say hi, because I have fond memories of this place.

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