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If anyone gets an autoplay video ad that keeps grabbing focus away from the cursor, say something here. PPE and I have been trying to track it down, but it doesn't load for either of us so he can't find out who it is.

There's a red triangular logo in the upper right of the ad, but we've had no luck figuring out what company it is.

I have tracked down the majority of the ads causing the problem. It was actually a combination of advertisers, and even YouTube channels. My guess is that somebody out there is using a really broken video template all over the place and they have no idea that it isn't working.

Anywho - the offending advertisers and a fair number of individual ads have been blocked. For the most part, the effects should be immediate, but for some, it may take a little while before they are all blocked completely.

Hopefully this is the last of this, for a while
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