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You might want to consider remedial arithmetic, lady
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Default You might want to consider remedial arithmetic, lady

I was on the express lane earlier this week. Now, not everybody comes through with exactly 12 items or less, and it's not usually a big deal. I even welcome people with full carts ... IF the day is going very slowly and there's nobody else in line. Also, most people are somewhat apologetic about having more than

However, I got one of THOSE the other day. Probably close to 30 items at least (very clearly more than 12) and she just marched up and started unloading. Nothing said, no "Sorry, is it okay if I use this line?" And of course there were people behind her.

So I started ringing her out. And of course she had no bags either. And of course she didn't bother to help me pack all her crap.

Usually I try to pack with some care. Not this time. Everything that would fit just went into the "current" bag, and then I moved on to the next one. Took her money, handed her her change, and turned to the next customer. With a large smile and a "Hi, how are you today?"

Fuck you, you innumerate bitch.
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