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Lupo and Kiki

Kiki grits her teeth, wondering how in the heck the others knew about the Titanspawn, and how in the world they knew she knew. Add to the fact that she has to talk to this man who in her eyes has pretty much just proven he is a thug and a bully. Stepping out of her shadow, she calmly announced. "Your that Wolfe guy right? I am supposed to tell you that those thugs were something called Titanspawn?"

Lupo couldn't help but jump, he had known she was there subconsciously..but she just seemed to pop in from nowhere. Before he could stop himself, he was in a fighting stance. When she spoke though, he relaxed. "Well..isn't that interesting? And..who might you be?"

Her training kicked in..male or not, one must not forget their manners. "My apologies I am Kiki Toshioto of the Toshioto clan." She gives a formal bow.

"Lupo..or Wolf..either or." He chuckles a little. "My full name is Lupo Virtis, supposed to mean Virtue of the wolf or some such..don't put much stock in that though."

Kiki gives another bow. "I think you should meet my contacts..I have a feeling that like it or not, we will be working together."

Lupo looked at the blue eyed oriental, unable to help himself he thinks Exotic, wow she is actractive. He flashes his feral grin. "That works for me."

She texts back to the number that they need to meet, and she is bringing "That wolfe guy."
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