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Riley and Liam - Hotel Lobby

Liam's non-tattooed arm twitches just slightly, but he manages to keep himself from scratching at the itch. He glances around the room once taking it in and noting exits, entrances, and positions of people and potential cover. Call it an old habit from his days in the ERU. He calmly strides over to the front desk. "Oi'm supposed ta have a room reserved 'ere. T'ough Oi'm not sure Oi have the roight hotel." He smiles at the person across the desk, "Name's O'Keefe. Liam O'Keefe."

Riley barely notes the entrance of another person, but takes a moment to admire the tattoo on his arm. Then she turns her attention back to Mattieu. "So you're a con artist then?" She asks with a slight smirk.