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Sometimes I look at what dog people are doing 'for their dogs' and I wonder if they really do love their dogs.

An older gentleman used to be an attendant at a nearby parking lot and would occasionally bring his dog with him. He had promised his late wife in the last coherent conversation they had that he would care for the dog as she would have. The dog didn't like being alone, but the man at least had the sense to leave Pooch at home in an air-conditioned house when sitting in a parking lot with no shade would be unpleasant or actually harmful. He admitted he was actually a cat person, but the dog didn't like cats, so that would have to wait.

One of my cats (now gone to Gooshy-Food Heaven) was a mean drunk. After the second time I didn't give her catnip any more. She honestly didn't seem to enjoy it, she just got weird and aggressive.
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