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((Doing each individually, so will be a ton of updates))

Cain looks at Livia. "I am afraid we have the most difficult task. We are going after a Nazi Medal that was given out for the greatest heroism. Malbozias general Bacus will be most interested in getting his hands on it. He uses Pit Fiends..some of the nastiest of demons. It is in a museum in Berlin. We will leave as soon as you are ready."

Vlaad chuckles. "Most dangerous my wing. They are brutes, no finesse at all." You know he means the demons. "Now we...we will be going after a cross used in the Crusades! Malbozia's lieutenant Orcus will be our foe. He uses Babaus..sly and crafty. The cross is in Vatican City..a truly dangerous place for ones of our nature."

Jason addresses Rick and his team. "We are looking for an Axe used by one of the Khans during Genghis' time. Led by Balbalor, he uses Balor. We will have our work cut out for us. The Axe was last seen in mainland China."

"For us it will be a roman spear used during the time of Nero." cautions Lema. "It is in Rome. Our foe is a crafty demoness named Lloth, who use the spider like Bebiliths."

"Our target is an Ankh used by a pharaoh during the time of the Exodus. Our enemy shall be Darius, who uses the massive Glabrezu to do his dirty work." Notes Ene.

San Che thinks long and hard. "We are looking for something a bit different. Some specific Amber, housed in small monastery in India. Our foe is the devious Demant. He is a trickster, using Succubi and Incubus..we will have to be very careful."

Van Helsing nods. "Now for us. We seek a chalice in America. This chalice was used by the Confessor during the Salem witch trials. Our foe is Marith..who leads an army of Marilith. Dangerous in their own right."

((If you all don't mind, I would prefer you post your arrival to your destinations, ask any questions, etc. Then I will post in response letting you know exactly what you are up against))
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