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Rick's comment illicits a chuckle from Vlaad. "You will find that much you think you know about us is wrong. The story books are just that ... stories."

Van Helsing points to Rick. "Your with Jason and Hilda." Both of which are of a good size, though Rick is slightly larger then both of them. "Jason will be team leader..hes been around awhile."

Jason addresses Rick and his team. "We are looking for an Axe used by one of the Khans during Genghis' time. Led by Balbalor, he uses Balor. We will have our work cut out for us. The Axe was last seen in mainland China."
Location: Organization HQ

Rick just grunts when Vlaad tells him how wrong he is about what the stories say. Probably true, he reasons, but every story has a grain of truth to it.

When Van Helsing gives him his team assignment, Rick turns and regards the two, his expression neutral, although his eyebrows rise as he notes the size of both. As the rest of the teams are also assigned, Rick regards Jason and Hilda again, now trying to determine what sort of 'supernatural creature' (mustn't call them "monsters," he says in his head) they descended from.

Jason briefs him on what they'll be going to retrieve, and Rick asks, "So, Balbalor is Malbozia's general, and Balor is... what? A sort of monster for us to smash, or the name of the Axe, or what?" The mention of going to China makes him grimace. "It's gonna be quite a trek, goin' to China from here... but let's get this over with. The sooner we get this Axe and stop Malbozia, the sooner we can all go back to pretending we're ordinary people." He pauses, considers both his size and the others', and amends this to, "For a given value of ordinary."

Location: Somewhere in China - Near the Axe's last known location

"So this is China," Rick says after he and his team arrive, disembarking from a makeshift Jeep. Rick has changed clothes, wearing a cheap, simple outfit, but tough enough to withstand some travel. He knows that sooner or later, he'll have to let his troll side out, and when he does, his clothes will suffer first. No point in wasting money on fancy clothes.

He rubs his shaven scalp as he looks around their location, then scratches at his long, forked beard. "All right, boss," he says to Jason. "Now what."
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