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Location: China - Monastery

Rick digests what he's been told about the balor and their general, then looks over the intel that their guide gave them. He looks at Jay and Hilda. "Like you said, let's just go in and show them why trolls are feared the world over. Once I ... hulk out, I won't be much good for strategy, anyway."

He squares his shoulders as he looks at the doors to the monastery, nods once and then takes a deep breath... and Changes.

It was as though the someone took the "size" knob and started turning it up. Rick's body simply scaled upward in terms of size, shoulders broadening, muscles swelling, as warts started sprouting all over his face and shoulders. His clothing strained against his growing body, although the stretchiness of the clothes meant that he still remained decent.

As the change finished, Rick glared with beady eyes at the door, baring jagged yellow teeth as he roared, and kicked the doors open with all the subtlety of a tank shell.
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