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I have no doubt the person is legitimate, and I do feel quite badly for them.
That's why we were a little more flexible in allowing the solicitation of money from the members, even though we have had a clear policy for ages about that kind of thing, and that's why I was so understanding and sympathetic in my messages to this person.

That's what upsets me.
So many concessions were made, and all we asked was that they stay within the rules that we ask all of our members to follow, but they played fast and loose repeatedly when it came to posting links to their begging pages.

Time and again, messages were sent explaining our policies and asking for cooperation.

When the final straw was laid on, and a temp ban was issued, this person spread the most vile lies about me in particular, and posted what was allegedly a quote of my words, but they were rather badly twisted and paraphrased so that it looked like I had said something else entirely. They attacked the site and the management.

I posted a rebuttal with direct quotes of all that had passed between us, and it was removed. The site was again being publicly trashed, so the ban was made permanent.
Now, the site is being trashed and maligned even more, and libellous comments are being made about me.

If a person could lie so easily about something so small as what was told to them by site moderators, then I really have to question the legitimacy of the stories posted, and just how financially desperate a person claims to be.
Too tired of living and too tired to end it. What a conundrum.

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