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I hope that first pay cheque with all the back pay helps to quell some of the unbelievable stress you have gone though in the past few months.
The attorney for the state warned me when I signed the settlement that it would take them a bit before they could pay the back pay out, that it wouldn't be on the first paycheck and would probably take a few months.

On the plus side, the office I'm now in is also in the building that contains the payroll office for my agency, so if they are TOO slow about it, I can walk down the hall and talk to the people who process it.

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I suspect the back pay will be paid out over time, not in a lump sum...
The attorney indicated that it would be paid as a lump sum, it just wouldn't come on the first paycheck.

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Also, its probably complicated because they never had to do anything like this before. Having to figure out the strange paperwork while being rushed is never an easy adventure.
. . .and that's why I'm not immediately blowing the whistle about retalliation. I know my situation is rather unique, and they are having to find a way to wedge me in to the caseload, and that a situation like mine comes up less than once a decade (my boss implied he'd seen something at least similar early in his career, roughly 20 years ago).

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still, it could be worse- they could have tried to give you your old job back by stealth- as in, working under the guy who got you fired.

it's also worth noting that it shouldn't be a great surprise things are complicated reinstating you- they will have hired a replacement for your old job by now anyway, even if you were willing to work for the asshole that got you fired, and there was not necessarily a vacancy to put you in. Since they're paying for you to drive to the other office, then who really cares?
My settlement agreement with the state explicitly says I work in an office other than my former one, which means not under my old boss. It was a term of the settlement I was going to insist on, but they already offered up.

As for a replacement, remember that I'm an Officer of a law enforcement agency with roughly 800 officers spread across dozens of offices across my state. They get openings on a fairly steady basis, so while it may be a tad awkward to put an Officer into an office with no vacancy (like the settlement mandated), they get vacancies on a fairly steady basis as Officers transfer to other agencies (we have a fairly high attrition rate).

As for the paying me to drive, yeah, I figured out that the travel they want me to do will get me travel vouchers which should roughly give me a 20% pay increase. Essentially they are paying me 20% more because I'll have to be doing so much driving. Still sucks, but it'll do for now.

I'm formally getting sworn back in by a Judge tomorrow. I'm making sure to get good photos of it, my family and friends want a good pic of it as a sort of trophy of my victory in this whole matter.