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How's Zhānmǔsī? Or "Zhan" for short. I think it lends an air of how the cultures mixed in the arcs to form the Anglo-Sino Alliance, reflecting that one can end up with clearly oriental elements to a person's name despite being clearly caucasian.
I think that's a good name, and it makes me think of Simon & River Tam. Given names that sound more Western, but a surname that sounds more Eastern. Zhānmǔsī "Zhan" Cook it is.

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- I'll have to get back to you with more detail.
You don't have to think on it too hard. There may not be much information on other laser pistol makes/models in the source material (either the show or the RPG books), so feel free to fabricate one.

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Elizabeth "Lizzie" Lock
Nice, I think we have our medic.

Questions for Lizzie Lock:
- Presuming that Lizzie's brother fought for the Alliance in the war, but regardless, what planet/battle did he die on/in? And please, don't make it one of the "known" battles listed in the source material. Let's try to diversify and come up with new "canon" stuff for our story.
- What firm/company does Nathaniel work for?
- Tell us the story of Lizzie's last great bender. The one that prompted her to limit herself to one drink and that perhaps she's most embarrassed about.

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question for the story teller...

you say we'll be starting off already knowing each where were we all when the "transmission" hit? did we know each other at that point?
Our story will begin about three months after the Miranda Broadcast. The crew will have been working together at least three months prior to that.

Now that we have the majority of the crew (at least one more crew member), let's start figuring that out. Feel free to discuss it here in the thread, in PMs with each other, whatever, but let's start putting the pieces together.

Thus you'll now need to figure out what kind of ship you're all crew on, what it's called, and perhaps just some brief blurbs about how the crew came together. It could be a case of one crew member brought another one on board (a sort of "I know a guy who needs the job") or someone answered a Cortex ad, or whatever.

Can I also just say that I like that we seem to have gotten a bunch of Core-worlders on the crew, ones who happen to know the Alliance is not nearly as "evil" as the series made them out to be. Joss Whedon did say in interviews that the Alliance only comes across as the villains in the show because it's being told more or less from Mal's point of view (and he's not exactly unbiased) and was set more in the Border and Rim planets. He's said if the story had been from the POV of someone from a Core world, it might have focused more on all the good the Alliance genuinely does for folks, and the Browncoats might not have seemed so sympathetic.
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