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Can I also just say that I like that we seem to have gotten a bunch of Core-worlders on the crew, ones who happen to know the Alliance is not nearly as "evil" as the series made them out to be.
This is actually the main reason I decided to be a Core Worlder and former Navy. Figured it would be an interesting side of the story to explore.

I think the important decisions as far as a ship are concerned are this:

1: Weapons: Do we want them
2: How many passengers do we want to carry
3: How cramped/spacious do we want it

I'm using some of the Serenity RPG source books for this, but if I had to choose I would say we go with an ALST or a Cargo Lifter.

The ALST is slightly larger with more room for crew and passengers which means it also costs slightly more to maintain.

The Cargo Lifter is an extremely common ship according to the books and is far more easy/common to modify for various uses.

Both ships are fairly reliable and low maintenance cost.

Ship Names are always fun, but I think that one should be up to the Captain. It's his ship after all.