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I'm going to assume that sarcasm is allowed, tho obviously not actual rudeness. XD

Dear Mrs Customer,

I'm sorry to hear of your bad experience; however, the lack of collegues was due entirely to the blizzard that enveloped this part of the country. We may be able to control many things within the store, but we can't control the weather. Sorry, and hope you will continue to shop here.


Manager With Spine.

Dear Ms Manager,

I am utterly appalled at the terrible service I received at your restaurant yesterday. My son wanted waffles and your waitress refused to serve them to him, giving the pathetic excuse of them not being on the menu. I am of course a very important person with an art degree and I demand that the waitress be fired, that you send me a grovelling apology and your first born son, and also a $1000 gift card.


Mrs Speshul Snowflake
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