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Dear Mr. Wipped:

We are very sorry to hear of your recent experience at our hotel. We certainly would've addressed the loud partiers had we been informed of them.

But now that you mention it, it is very possible our desk clerk was looking at porn on our computer. He apparently is into bestiality. We will deal with this as well.

Hotel Manager

================================================== ================

Dear Random Krap-Mart Corporate Suit:

I recently bought a clock radio at your store. Well, I guess I could have bought it at Wal-Mart. Or the Clearance Swamp. I'm not exactly sure, because I lost the receipt. Anyway, I'm pretty sure I bought it at Krap-Mart, because I shop there frequently and spend lots of money there. So that makes me a good customer.

I had to return the clock radio because it stopped working after I chucked it against the wall one morning to shut the alarm off. The clerk behind the service desk was extremely rude and wouldn't take it back because I didn't have the receipt. Who keeps receipts anyway these days?

I begged and pleaded for the service desk clerk to take back the clock radio and give me my refund, nicely of course. She wouldn't budge. I kept pleading my case, but then she said to me "Cram it, sunshine!"

I was so astonished I threw the clock radio at the clerk's head and stomped out.

Fire the service desk clerk and give me at least $100 in gift cards. Or else I will never shop at Krap-Mart ever again. You have my word on that as an extremely dissatisfied customer.

I.B Pissed
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