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Dear Ima Soo Yoo,

If you look very carefully with a microscope, you will see that the small print warns that product is not to be taken internally. May I suggest going back to school in order to learn what the word "internally" means? I think it would be very useful.


Tony Tiger.

Dear Local Manager of McDonalds,

Yesterday, I took my daughter to your establishment for her birthday treat. I purchased a Happy Meal for her, and a salad for myself. My daughter informed me that the toy that was in her Happy Meal was one she already had, so I went up to the counter to exchange it. The boy we talked to, one "Laurie" as his name badge stated, refused to do so. I was utterly disgusted. How could he be so cruel to a little girl like that? I demand that he be fired, and that my daughter be amply compensated for having her birthday completely ruined.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Pushy Mother.
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