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Coming in dribs & drabs now just because I'm super busy at work & home for the next couple weeks.

Pay it NAO!:

We wound up with an insurance invoice (for the employee health insurance) that was temporarily misplaced. By the time the invoice got to us for payment processing, it was the day before the due date. The due date also happened to be our normal check run date. We also had a goal of reducing off-cycle checks to zero, so I figured one more day wouldn't hurt.

Regarding the due date: In a prior life, I was an insurance salesman, licensed to sell insurance products in 43 states. I happen to know a bit about the business, like the fact that pretty much every company gives a standard 7 day grace period on payment due dates. So, I took the invoice, posted it, and made sure it showed due right away so it would be in the next day's check run. I also called the company, just to verify that we did indeed have a 7 day grace period, which was confirmed and a note was made that we were mailing payment that week so there would be no penalties regardless of the date the check was received. All was good. Then Cranky butted in.

CB: Do you have the check for the health insurance?

Me: It will be in tomorrow's check run, so we're good.

CB: Just cut the check now, it's due tomorrow.

Me: We're cutting checks tomorrow and we have a 7 day grace period. It isn't a problem to just include it as part of the regular process.

CB: No! It's due tomorrow, we have to overnight it this afternoon. Cut the check now!

Me: Seriously, there's no problem. I verified the grace period with <insurance company>. Paying $40 to overnight the payment is a waste of money.

CB: Just print the check now! *visibly agitated and voice raised*

Me: No. *calm & cool with an even tone*

CB: FINE! DON'T PAY IT ALL THEN! *shouted across the office, then storms away*

Me: Wow. *head shake, back to work*

At this point, NABL called CB into her office to find out what the ruckus was about. NABL then called me at my desk to ask me to come into her office. CB watched me go in with a smirk on her face. NABL and I discussed the situation - including the fact that I was in charge of AP, had spoken to the vendor, and it was all copacetic. NABL sent me back to work and called CB back in. A few minutes later, CB walks back up to my desk:

CB: I guess I owe you an apology because my tone may have been a little shrill earlier. *spoken with zero sincerity, then she ran away and stayed away the rest of the day*

And one more nail was lined up...