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My only questions at this point are:

1) Did CB sue? I'm sure she at least threatened one.
2) Did anyone come in to see her walk of shame? That would have been worth paid admission!
3) Everybody in Admin signed off on this? Even HR which blatantly failed the first time to terminate CB?

Congratulations to getting rid of CB, and my deepest sympathies to those where she ended up afterwards...
Allow me to address these questions:
  1. Not to my knowledge; I'm guessing the termination had a fantastic foundation. Also, the legal invoices are redacted before they get to me..
  2. Actually, we all went out to a group breakfast at a local cafe and came in late.
  3. Everyone up to and including the CEO. And, it was a different HR Director & Manager than the first time around.

Foreign Coworker ran into CB a few months ago at the store. As of then, CB had not yet been hired anywhere despite going on a bunch of interviews.

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Just out of curiosity, how long ago did this finally happen? Months? Years?

This all played out over the space of just shy of 5 years.

I only have hearsay on a bunch of other stories, like the time she angered a bunch of dept. directors around the building by emailing them instructions on what they were doing wrong in their day-to-day jobs.

I can't confirm that, other than I know CB was sent to a seminar on improving communication skills shortly after that rumor started going around. I know about the seminar because I'm the one who was asked to schedule & pay for it.