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I'll have no problems on my desktop (Chrome) or my iPad (Safari) but then the next day I'll get a 503 error on both. I have to re-type in the URL to be able to get into the site.

I am still logged in, though so the cookies are good (and tasty).

/flushDNS was done, too.
I find this somewhat strange and disturbing, but at the same time I'm not entirely sure what to think.

It is totally like a local cached DNS issue where it keeps reverting to the old IP (that 503 page sounds like the Maintenace Mode page that Pederson put up on the old server before we moved). That thought is actually reinforced by the fact that if you re-type the URL it works - that pretty much says that when it checks for a new copy of the page, it is finding it. Why it reverts to the old stuff, however, is confusing and odd.

Clearing Chrome's browser cache of Browsing History, Cached Images and Files, and Hosted App Data should help. I'm not sure what the analog is under Safari, but the items should be named something similarish.
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