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the woman turns a warm smile on him and does not appear to be flusterd.

"So...your barlowe eh? I'm Samara Techlin, guess we're working together. huh, you met Ms Fredrick? crazy woman....I'd keep an eye on got your stuff? good lets go, got to show you your new home away from home!"

Shes interupted by a faint buzzing sound coming from her pocket, and produces the strangest item ted's ever seen, about the size of a paperback book, she flips it open and begins talking.

"yeah hes here, like she said. I'm starving, we'll stop in univille for dinner then head to Leena's. I'll bring him by tomorrow."

Then she flips it closed, smiling at him again, "my boss, artie...hes....a unique character, you'll meet him tomorrow."

with that she begins walking out of the terminal.
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