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Riley - Room 909

"You want me to get you something for you cough?" She says with a grin as she flops down on the bed staring up at the ceiling.

"I know my adoptive parents thought somewhat highly of the gods." She pauses a moment, "I took a class on it in college before I dropped out. You mean Odin, and Thor and all those crazy dudes hell bent on death before dishonor and all that crap right?"

Liam - Ripley's... an Odd Place for an Odd Conversation

Liam's eyes narrow briefly, "Oi know t'at oi always suspected my da' of beatin' her ta' death. Oi ne'r could prove it t'ough." His voice get's real quiet at the last part and he stares at the ground as if even speaking ill of the man that beat him daily makes him uncomfortable.

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