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There was no hesitation by Lupo. He got in the ring. "I can never resist a challenge or a fight. I am guessing that comes from you." He sizes up his competition, no basic moves here, that would be an insult to the man. Lupo would only use his best moves, leaving the fundamental things for others. No fakeouts, no one/two jab..leaving all he had on the mat. This was a chance of a lifetime, and he never minded loosing.

Of course the fact that Mars could be asleep, blindfolded, hopping on one foot, using one arm..while wearing chains and still beat Lupo with ease was completely beside the point. Mars didn't fight..he invented fighting. He literally could forget more about fighting then Lupo would ever know..


If somebody made these two nervous, Kiki never wanted to meet them. Ever. "So..where do we go from here?"
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