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Riley - The hotel Lobby

Her Father nods with a pleased grin. "Good! Then allow Me to give you this." He holds up a hand and lets an iron pendant dangle from his fingers. Small and rectangular, its face bore a stylized Nordic design, looking almost like a serpent coiled around a double-ended hammer. He twirls it by its chain around his finger as He addresses her. "Like all of Our kind, your ultimate goal should be forestalling or outright preventing Ragnarok from taking place, but in the meantime, doing anything you can to foil the Titans' plans should be your primary focus."

He flicks the pendant to her, and smiles. "Oh, and do be sure to win that poker tournament. Wouldn't do for My daughter to lose, eh?" Then He consults a smartphone and sighs. "And now... family calls. Until next time, Riley." With that, someone walks between them, briefly obstructing her view of Him, and then He's gone, as if He'd vanished into thin air.

But she would probably be distracted by the tangible power in the pendant, power which sizzles along her neurons as the focus item attunes itself to her.

Liam - Danu's Glade

Danu nods, pleased to see that he picked up on who She meant. "The Morrígan, who watches over battle, strife, and the dead. He was to be one of our great warriors, to strike terror into the hearts and minds of our enemies. But he became too enamored of the chaos and the death-dealing and the bloodshed, and became corrupted by it. The Morrígan cannot withdraw Her blessing without greatly weakening Her own power, and such a thing would be a devastating blow to Us. Our enemies both far and near would seize upon this weakness and strike fast and hard."

She reaches out and takes his arm, grasping him by the wrist. Though She looks slender and fair, the grip is like steel, and Her eyes take on an ethereal glow. "You are not yet strong enough to be able to challenge him. But there are others who may help you. And to make sure you can grow into your destiny, My son, let Me grant you this."

He would feel power flow into him, sizzling along his neurons, and She would turn his forearm to face up, so he could see knotwork tattooing itself onto his skin, capping on the back of his hand with a design reminiscent of a Celtic cross.

"Listen to the Land, Liam, My son. It shall aid you as long as you protect it."

Lupo - Mars' Gym

The fight that transpired would be one of the most challenging Lupo had ever faced. Mars indeed saw all those best moves coming and either dodged them, or blocked them, or moved with them to hurl Lupo over His shoulder to the mat. He didn't attack, however, just circled him slowly, letting Lupo make all the moves he wants.

Until one maneuver is once again effortlessly evaded, and then Mars strikes with a flurry of quick jabs and then pie-faces him away. "Come on!" Mars shouts. "Don't waste your best moves without knowing your opponent's defenses!" He weaves through another attempt at offense and then hurls Lupo to the mat again. "Don't ever forget the fundamentals. You learn more about your opponent with them than you will just hitting them with your best moves over and over again."

He helps Lupo to his feet, and now goes on the attack himself, but with just the most fundamental of moves. He's taking it easy on Lupo. Lupo knows He's taking it easy on him. But that doesn't make it any easier to stop Him. Lupo spends the first flurry or two getting pummeled, before... he learns. The occasional lucky block becomes more frequent. Then more consistent. Until finally he's not letting his Father get a single shot through his defenses.

Which, of course, is when Mars changes it up. Now He's throwing in more complicated maneuvers which have Lupo scrambling to keep up again. Once more, Lupo is on the defensive, barely able to keep up with the God of War's assault--

--until Lupo ducks under a powerful right cross and comes up with an uppercut right to Mars' jaw. This does drive Mars back a step, and He smiles. "Good. I think you get the idea now."

He flicks His wrist, and the gold chain is back in His hand, offering it out to Lupo.

Kiki - Outside Room 510

"We have to track down the harpy nest nearby," Art replies. "There's always a full-fledged flock. You should stay here at the hotel and keep your eyes open. If MacBride's in town, there's gonna be more Titanspawn around, and they'll be disguised. They'll be up to something, and we need to know what they're planning."

Anna nods. "You're not meant to be a fighter in all of this," she explains. "You're the spy, the scout. Art and I, we're hunters, and other people are warriors. But if you see MacBride, you'll know it, because the man is absolutely terrifying. And if you see him, you should run."
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