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In a flash Lupo was gone, and "The Wolf" was there. "Hey its the Meat. Don't worry about it, I'll make sure to pay your hospital bill when we get done. It will be the least I can do after humiliating you in the ring." He flashes a big smile. He knows how to put on a show. Though he prefers just to fight, got to give the fans a good smack talk session. "What's wrong? Your grandfather not let you out without a leash? He had to come with you to make sure you didn't get lost?" Indicating the other guys coach. "See he brought his other pups along too." His chin points in the direction of the tough looking guys behind Mark.


Kiki thought to herself Men. Still she was a bit on edge about what just happened, and was a bit cautious. She blends into the background, watching. Better make sure nobody here saw me..she takes out her lens and looks around for any of those 'Titanspawns'.
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