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Riley, Lupo, Kiki - The Lobby

The Wolf's return boast gets Cleaver's entourage grumbling, but the other boxer just holds up his hands placatingly, the smirk on his face never fading. Like Lupo, Cleaver understands the need to put on a show, to try to gain just that slightest psychological edge over the other person before even stepping into the ring with him. A few of the mortals around the lobby are turning to watch what's transpiring. Cleaver keeps his cool, but when Lupo starts in on the coach-- who, as Lupo would know is actually Mark Cleaver's uncle-- his smile fades, and when he insults the posse, they all start to square up, clearly ready to throw down.

Kiki would see something through the lens, all right. Cleaver himself looks utterly mundane, nothing significant about him. His entourage, on the other hand... the hangers-on shimmered slightly as she focused on them through her lens, and she would see that their faces looked strange. Their noses were either squashed-looking and flat or bulbous and pronounced, their jaws lumpy and jutting, with what looked like slight tusks protruding from their mouths. As the shimmer of the lens flickered and faded (she's still getting the hang of using it), she would see that to the mortals around the lobby, the tusks aren't visible, instead just the blinged-out grills common to this kind of person. But the most noticeable difference in the hangers-on actual appearance would be the fact that they possessed just a single bulging eye each. Cyclopi, fairly common Titanspawn.

Riley might not be able to see that the hangers-on are Titanspawn, but her recently-boosted odds-calculating power is already paying dividends. Odds are swiftly changing, the likelihood of a brawl starting to become more and more likely, and she can also tell that it will be a lot more destructive than one might expect. More mortals are starting to pay attention as the hangers-on start shouting back at Lupo, while Cleaver, his coach/uncle, and his manager all start working to try to calm them down. It isn't really working...

Liam - Cantwell Park

Liam opens his mouth about to say, Listen How? but suddenly is overcome by something... instinct maybe and kneels placing the palm of his newly tattooed arm down flat on the grass and dirt of the park.[/QUOTE]

When Liam places his hand on the ground like that, it's as though his awareness spreads out in a pulse around him. He can feel most of the beings in the park, both the mortals and... other things. Spirits of the trees and plants, the slumbering old spirits of the earth, even the rocks and insects. He feels a thrumming in his arm, and then a deep throb in his very core, which he comes to realize is literally the heartbeat of the World. Slow and ancient.

Then his attention is caught by a little voice down by his shoe. "Oi, bigjob, yer main be th' Mammy Queen's loon! Braw av ye tae finally notice us!" A glance would reveal a small group of little people, none bigger than his finger, rangy of build for the most part. Their skin is brown and hair green, and they wear approximations of kilts, full on kit, of woven grass. That accent of theirs seems to take qualities of most Celtic types, Scots and Irish and Welsh and Manx.

They're fairies, Liam would realize. They may not have wings, but they're of that same world. The littlest ones that tend after the greenlands.

"So, what's de Ma Queen's fella nade from de pixie fowk?" This seems to be from a different one, until a third speaks up: "She was talkin' tae heem abit MacBride!" Which prompts outbursts from the whole little pac:, "T'e Morrígan's Babby!" "The Crowson!" "He's gollier scary langer, in'ee?"

The little one in the front turns an interesting shade of reddish brown as he flushes, then whirls around and shouts: "OI! SHUT IT! AH'M TALKIN' TAE HIM!" The other 'Pictsies' fall silent, looking at the ground, and then the leader turns back to Liam. "Sorry abit 'at, MacQueen, they jist hae naw manners, ye ken. Ah'm in charge o' this lot. Ye kin call me 'Cantwell.' So yer Mammy--"

"T'e Queen!" a pixie pipes up, but is instantly shushed by the rest.

"Aye, the Queen," Cantwell glowers at the one who spoke up for a moment before turning back to Liam, "Yer Mammy wanted ye tae gonnae-no th' Crowson? We'll fin' heem fur ye!"

"Cannae hide frae th' pixie fowk!" one of the others declared, to general cheers.


Yes, I'm blatantly ripping off the Nac Mac Feegle, after a fashion, with the 'Pictsies' of Cantwell Park.
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