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When I was in university we were always told that wikipedia is not good source. But I found it very handy when doing research because I would use the references at the bottom of whatever wiki article I was reading - I'd find the actual source, read through it, and go from there. It was really handy when I was writing 4th and 5th year term papers when I was looking up some fairly obscure information.

In one of my classes we had to read out a short paper that we'd written on some historical topic, and one of my classmates literally copied and pasted the entire Wikipedia text for her topic. Not a single word she read was her own, and she only got caught because when she started reading her paper I googled her topic...and was able to read along word for word. I reported it to our prof at the end of class, after the classmate had handed in her paper. She failed the class and after a review she was tossed out of the university because it was discovered that this wasn't the first time she pulled such a stunt.