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[no handle for this one]. - A lonely person who insist on hanging in the store and engaging you in conversation about his weird obsession.
how about 'mr. freaky lonelyheart?'

'mr./ms. i'llhavemyregular' this person is always in a hurry, regardless of the day or time they come in.

spawn swarm: a group of young, unattended and generally ill-mannered children who make a great deal of noise, mess and headaches after purchasing ONE small drink.

mr./ms. tantrum: throws a big baby style hissy fit if you're out of their drink; double the fit if that drink was seasonal. also applies to those who absolutely positively MUST have pastry x; if you are out of pastry x, be prepared for a whinefest that lasts their entire stay.

mr./ms. doyouhaveakeytothebathroom?: always asks if we have a key; the answer is always no-we never have and never will have a key. if the door handle doesn't open the door, get this, it means someone's in there. what a concept.

the freebie whore: the title says it all.
look! it's ghengis khan!
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