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The Constant Complainer - no matter what you do to please them, they will find something wrong. Even if they have to put their own hair in their food, which leads to my second one:

The Food Scammer - Tend to be believed at first, but if you come every two weeks and are the only customer who finds a hair, it's a little fishy. Even a bad manager will catch on to this. They are regulars for as long as the free food comes.

The How Are You Today? I Am Long Island Iced Tea - Walk up to a table and say a friendly hello, how are you? They respond with their drink or food order.

The Ignorers - After several attempts to get the attention of a group, the waiter finally walks away to tend to other tables. They get snotty when you come back to take their order because they had to wait so long. Bonus points if they flag another waiter down. Double bonus if they ask to speak to a manager.

The I Can't Believe you Ate the Whole Thing - Cleans their plate and when I clear it and ask how it was, say it was terrible. My quizzical look and "You ate it all?!" tends to be met with, "Well, I was hungry!" Mind you, I've been to the table a few minutes after they get the food, and they never complain then, when things could be changed.
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